Darwin Day around the interwebs

12 02 2009

Scientific American has a comprehensive series of articles and podcasts.

Politics.co.uk reports on the growing support for moves in the UK Parliament to make Darwin Day a public holiday.

MSNBC lists some things you probably didn’t know about Darwin.

Times Online urges us not to forget Alfred Russel Wallace, who also proposed a theory of natural selection.

In The Australian, Alvaro Vargas Llosa urges conservatives to embrace Darwin.

But according to The Christian Science Monitor, all indications are that Llosa’s wishes will remain ungranted, as creationists with the aid of Republican legislators continue to play whack-a-mole in order to force Genesis into the science classroom. Their latest strategy is a curious adaptation of “teach the controversy” (adapted, that is, for the post-Dover world) known as “teach the strengths and weakness”: Texan “Christian attorney” Kelly Coghlan‘s article in the Dallas Morning News is holotypical.

A far more comprehensive Darwin Day news roundup can be found at NCSE.



5 responses

13 02 2009
Sammy Jankis

…growing support for moves in the UK Parliament to make Darwin Day a public holiday.

The fundies would just love that!

13 02 2009

Doesn’t it just prove once and for all that Darwin is the atheists’ God?

14 02 2009

Yes, Darwin is my god. Except that I don’t worship him, he’s not infallible, and I’ve never asked someone “Have you heard the good news about Charles Darwin?” 🙂 Oh, AND there’s some proof he existed.

14 02 2009

There’s probably no Darwin. So stop worrying and enjoy your life.

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