I didn’t realise pterosaurs were this big!

16 02 2009
Science Daily

Source: Science Daily

Nor was I aware that when they launched themselves into the air, they used four limbs instead of two.




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16 02 2009
Rev. Reed Braden

I saw a pterodactyl at th dinosar exhibit at the Fiel museum in CHicago (or maybe it was the the Nat. hist. museum at the SMithsonian) and thought the saem thing. Damn those little tiny-brained chickenlizards where huge!

And I saw the four-limb think of the History channel Evolve series. Get with the programme, babe.

(Apologes for the spelling. I had maybb one two much tonight.)

16 02 2009
Rev. Reed Braden

TYou can fix the spellin gon that if you want. And you can delete this commentt. Unless you wantt o make me look like an epic douche. Which is coool too.

16 02 2009

Speaking of epic douchery, I wanted to share the following from Answers in Genesis (“Were Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?“)

Although there are about 668 names of dinosaurs, there are perhaps only 55 different “kinds” of dinosaurs. Furthermore, not all dinosaurs were huge like the brachiosaurus, and even those dinosaurs on the Ark were probably “teenagers” or young adults.

Creationist researcher John Woodmorappe has calculated that Noah had on board with him representatives from about 8,000 animal genera (including some now-extinct animals), or around 16,000 individual animals. When you realize that horses, zebras, and donkeys are probably descended from the horse-like “kind,” Noah did not have to carry two sets of each such animal. Also, dogs, wolves, and coyotes are probably from a single canine “kind,” so hundreds of different dogs were not needed.

According to Genesis 6:15, the Ark measured 300 x 50 x 30 cubits, which is about 460 x 75 x 44 feet, with a volume of about 1.52 million cubic feet. Researchers have shown that this is the equivalent volume of 522 standard railroad stock cars (US), each of which can hold 240 sheep. By the way, only 11% of all land animals are larger than a sheep.

Without getting into all the math, the 16,000-plus animals would have occupied much less than half the space in the Ark (even allowing them some moving-around space).

Yes, but what happened to the pterodactyls?

16 02 2009

Oh dear. AiG haven’t purged all the Woodmorappe material from their website.

He and Jan Peczkis used to be listed on their list of scientists who support creationism. They were both removed from the list the last time I checked.

Woodmorappe and Peczkis once citing each other approvingly AND also being the same person IRL.

Ah, creationism. Feel the fraud.

16 02 2009

Woodmorappe and Peczkis once citing each other approvingly AND also being the same person IRL.

If I had been drinking something when I read this, said beverage would be running down my laptop screen by now.

16 02 2009

I remember hearing about them using four feet to get into the air, but likewise I did not realise they were so big.

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