Attn: Parthiban NS

4 03 2009

I received the following email yesterday:


I hope this mail finds you in the pink of your health. I stumbled upon your blog ‘’ a few minutes ago and
I find that you haven’t been updating it since long. If you are not planning to continue with it, please let me know if I can use it.
It will be of great help to me to start a blog, as a blog which was started long ago will get better exposure.
It is hard nowadays to find a nice blog name as most names are already taken or are used by dead blogs.
When contacted, blogger forum said that the only way is to get the author’s consent.

If you are willing, all you have to do is log in to your blogger account and choose settings.
Under this click permissions and invite a new author, in this case [email removed, in case he’s legit].

I’ll accept the offer in a day and the last thing you will have to do is to give the admin permission after that. Thats it.

This is simply a honest request and you can contact me anytime you wish.
Then again, this is just a request to take over your blog and the decision solely lies in your hands.






5 responses

4 03 2009

I think a polite “fuck off” might be more appropriate.

What a damned cheek (IMO)!

4 03 2009

At least he hasn’t tried to take it by force (yet).

4 03 2009

WTF!!?? I wonder if he sends such requests also to addresses like idontgiveafuck or

4 03 2009

He does have a point. Why go through the hassle of building up your reader-base, increase your rss subscribers, and google pagerank, when you can just take over another blog. It’s brilliant I tell you! All I have to do now is email Hemant.

7 03 2009

‘Six Public Opinions’ anyone?

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