Another quote of the week: Pharyngula regular RevBigDumbChimp

7 03 2009

This one made me smile. RevBigDumbChimp explains why there is much less endorsement of rape in the New Testament than in the old:

It can all be boiled down to the fact that God finally got laid. After a couple thousand years of having to take care of himself, Mary came along and he finally got some. Once he got him some ass his whole attitude changed.

It happens to everyone.

(*And after reading a comment thread in which Catholic apologists whine about how mean the atheists are being, and yet refuse to condemn their Church’s decision to excommunicate all of those involved in an abortion procedure undertaken to save the life of a 9-year-old rape victim, while not excommunicating the man who raped her, you need something to smile about.)

Mohammed may have been married* to a 9-year old . . .

6 03 2009

. . . but it takes the Catholic Church to insist that, even if she has been raped, she be brought to term.

Via Pharyngula. More here, where we learn not only that the rape victim had been abused by her stepfather since she was six, but also that all who assisted the Brazilian child in securing an abortion (including her mother) are to be excommunicated.

(*Off-topic note: Aisha was allegedly six when they were married.)

Attn: Parthiban NS

4 03 2009

I received the following email yesterday:


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If you are willing, all you have to do is log in to your blogger account and choose settings.
Under this click permissions and invite a new author, in this case [email removed, in case he’s legit].

I’ll accept the offer in a day and the last thing you will have to do is to give the admin permission after that. Thats it.

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Of battles and wars

17 02 2009

Christopher Hitchens will be debating William Lane Craig in April on the question: “Does God Exist?”

And the apologetics community is creaming its collective trousers. Craig is apparently a very skilled debater, so they’re expecting him to trounce Hitchens. Ergo more souls won for Jesus! Ergo more idiots rolling around on the floor speaking in tongues! Yea!

Hint: it doesn’t work that way. Perhaps it does work that way in the authoritarian-follower universe (call it the “argumentum ad D’Souzam“), but atheists don’t consider Hitchens their pastor or Pope, you won’t find Hitchens’ conversion to fundamentalist Christianity (should that eventuate) precipitating the conversion of the heathens en masse, and there will still be atheists around to scrutinise Craig’s arguments even if Hitchens is defeated. (Some would argue it wouldn’t be the first time.) An apologist defeating an atheist in a public debate only demonstrates that the apologist is a more skillful debater than the atheist. It does not constitute evidence that a deity exists. To paraphrase Al Swearengen, you may want to write that down and stick it over your one good fucking eye.

I didn’t realise pterosaurs were this big!

16 02 2009
Science Daily

Source: Science Daily

Nor was I aware that when they launched themselves into the air, they used four limbs instead of two.

He mentioned non-believers! non-Christians.

12 02 2009

No, not him. I mean Pastor Danny:

Pastor Danny wishes to take this opportunity to thank the many Christians and non-Christians alike who responded to our bush fire appeal within 24 hours. Your generosity and loving kindness has certainly put a smile on the face of many. We will be donating blood to the Red Cross and collecting further relief aid over the next week.

I guess humble pie doesn’t taste so bad after all, eh? Credit where it’s due, even if Catch the Fire Ministries, by actually doing something useful (e.g. donating blood), appears to be defying the will of God.

A loving Christian writes . . .

12 02 2009

wow the fact that no one is afraid of a man that has not only been predicted to destroy the world more than once, and a beast of a man with power over the entire universe and rowlings, Harry Potter, idea of power, you morons are truly stupid. i do not suggest that witchcraft is real to anyone that is sane, but if you are fucked in the head, when a man presents himself as a god, with power he uses to control the universe and all in it, God himself will leave and you morons who do not think you can be touched will see the most terrifying things you have ever heard, no movie or book other than Revelation can cause me to be a little afraid. And the fact of the matter is, that the antichrist will be killed, revived, and when he is revived he will think he has become God himself and he will have all of Satans power without the need of anything else. if i were you guys stating that you know that athiesm and worshiping nothing besides selfish bullshit is truth, be very hesitant to what you say about Christ not being real. or you are screwed, and not even a pastor, or God can save you. i am not stupid enough to claim that obama is the evil one on the internet, but i do think he is a part of it, for good or bad. and if he gets killed by a dumbass, the entire world will attack us when the successor takes his power and screws up the economy, now the worlds basis of an economy. but there will be proof of the man before the rapture of the saints, so the ones of you that are calling the churchgoers crazy will see terrifying monsters and be forced to worship them unless you take charge of your stupidity and accept that there is a God and many things in this universe that nothing but spiritual realms can truly explain. so all i am saying is be careful with what you say against Christianity. and to a Christian, be careful what you predict.. it may, or may not come true

You have been warned, atheists. You’d better drop to your knees and start believing in Christianity, or Braden will sick his “terrifying monsters” on you.

Feel like bashing a disgusting fundamentalist?

10 02 2009

Here’s what I just posted at Pharyngula, in response to this story.

Isn’t this the same man who had a dream that Peter Costello would one day be Prime Minister of Australia in the fifth term of the Howard Government (which never happened)?

Actually, God told him so, and it was on the basis of that conversation that Nalliah could “boldly” declare” (in August 2007) that John Howard would be re-elected in November 2007. God told Nalliah to spend “personal time” with (former Prime Minister) Howard and to prepare (former Treasurer) Costello as the future Prime Minister.

Well, God pwned Danny Nalliah. Nalliah, true to the form of the lying hypocritical fundie, subsequently refused to eat humble pie. As did many of his winged monkeys.

The man is a charlatan. His followers are case studies in self-delusion. Theirs is a worldview, as PZ’s post demonstrates, that feeds off human misery and fear.

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It’s what Jesus would do . . .

23 01 2009

From Minnesota Public Radio:

Driver crashes SUV into St. Paul Planned Parenthood clinic

[. . .]

St. Paul, Minn. — A 32-year-old driver is under arrest after driving his SUV into the front of a St. Paul abortion clinic on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, police said.

[. . .]

Several employees were in the building at the time, said Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Kathi Di Nicola. She said the SUV hit the front door of the clinic two or three times.

When Di Nicola arrived at the clinic, she said the man had gotten out of the SUV and was pacing around it, holding a crucifix and chanting.

“He was agitated and he was saying, ‘shut down this Auschwitz,'” she said.

Later Thursday morning, dozens of demonstrators showed up at the clinic — something Di Nicola said happens every year on the Roe V. Wade anniversary. But the SUV incident came as an unpleasant surprise.

“Nothing violent like this has happened in recent memory here,” Di Nicola said.

The landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion was issued Jan. 22, 1973. Tim Stanley, executive director of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, said patients were still being seen at the clinic on Thursday.

It’s the only Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota that performs abortions.

Fortunately, no one appears to have been hurt.