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14 responses

15 01 2008

Unfortunately, Jamie’s rape is just another case of abuse of a woman (or child)
that there will probably NEVER be any COMPLETE “justice” for. Unless you have
gone thru something similar to what she has, just, no one has ANY idea of how
it affects EVERYTHING you do, from that point on. You become scared, suspicious, try to “control” everything (because you couldn’t when the traumatic event happened), depressed, consider “checking out”, go thru the Kubler Ross
Grief Stages, and IF you get to the point where you “accept” (ha!) what was done,
you MAY begin to see light @ the end of the tunnel. It just takes different amts
of time to ea. victim to “see” the light. “Checking out” just wasn’t a real option
for me, so I began thinking, introspectively, HOW AM I GOING to ‘accept’ this?
A few good friends that made me laugh were the answer for me, but that won’t wowork for everyone, cause it isn’t a laughing matter. . .

17 04 2008
Barliman Butterbur

Just read your comment policy. Hey baby, your site, your rules! 😉


28 07 2008

Read the comment policy: “I reserve the right to be a capricious bastard and to refine this comment policy at the drop of a hat.” He sums himself up well.

28 07 2008

And admits he doesn’t know who his father was!

28 07 2008

And admits he doesn’t know who his father was!

Lucky for you that I don’t have a rule against excessive literalism!

22 05 2009

Как всегда на высоте!

19 12 2009
Roman Catholic

Hatred will kill you, compassion will give you LIFE.
Stop doing harakiri with the internet, please.

23 05 2011
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28 07 2011

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8 11 2017
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