Just in time for Christmas

18 11 2008

(HT: commenter jpf at Dispatches From The Culture Wars)

Who needs Amazon when the American Family Association has plenty of treats on offer to fill the Christmas stocking?

They’re Coming To Your Town

Residents of the small Arkansas town of Eureka Springs noticed the homosexual community was growing. But they felt no threat. They went about their business as usual. Then, one day, they woke up to discover that their beloved Eureka Springs, a community which was known far and wide as a center for Christian entertainment–had changed. The City Council had been taken over by a small group of homosexual activists.The Eureka Springs they knew is gone. It is now a national hub for homosexuals. Eureka Springs is becoming the San Francisco of Arkansas.

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Suffer the little children . . .

26 12 2007

Ah, Christmas. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Halls decked with boughs of holly. A time of “genuine peace and goodwill,” according to The Daily Telegraph, when we can all put aside our petty differences–theists and non-theists alike–and strive to follow the teaching of the figure whose birthday is officially celebrated this time of year:

that we should treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves, that just as kindness, tolerance, compassion and understanding are the virtues most prized by the Almighty, so they are by all good men and women.

A time, especially, for Christians to show we unbelievers the shining, tolerant, inclusive face of their religion.

And how the Christians of Cluny Primary School, a council-run school in Banffshire, Scotland have come through for their non-believing brethren!

Teachers banned a nine-year-old boy from his class Christmas party because his parents had barred him from RE lessons. Douglas Stewart was forced to stay at home while his friends received presents from Santa and tucked into ice cream and jelly.

His parents were told he was not welcome at the celebration because they had pulled him out of religious education classes earlier in the year. (Daily Mail)

Religious Education and “Religious Observance” is mandatory in Scottish schools, except in those cases where parents exercise their right to withdraw. The rationale given in a Scottish Government policy document is as follows:

Each individual within a school community should be enabled to develop as a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and effective contributor. Religious observance should have an important part to play in this development.

Why religious observance should have any part whatsoever to play in the education of schoolchildren is explained by means of an appeal to tradition–“In recognition of Scotland’s Christian heritage, schools are encouraged to use the rich resources of this tradition when planning religious observance”–as well as the notion that it is the role of schools to promote the “spiritual development” (whatever that means) of students.

The document acknowledges that contemporary Scotland is a far more multicultural society than the days in which William Wallace routed the English at Stirling Bridge, and emphasises the need to accommodate the beliefs of students from different faith backgrounds. On the other hand, parents who exercise their right not to play along with this ridiculously anti-democratic charade are to be reminded that:

Scottish Ministers consider that religious observance complements religious education and is an important contribution to pupils’ development. It should also have a role in promoting the ethos of a school by bringing pupils together and creating a sense of community.

And if that doesn’t convince them, why, just have their children shunned! Heartwarming stuff via NoBeliefs.com.

Irfan’s Camden commenters leave messages of peace and goodwill

25 12 2007

Via Ninglun, Irfan Yusuf has a great post on the Camden anti-Muslim rally. The picture and tagline are worth the price of admission alone . . .

Foreign un-Australian ragger from Lakemba nurses the wounds of her son after he got smashed by patriotic Aussies acting on the orders of Hon Rev Fred Nile MLC.

. . . but I thought I’d share with you the touching messages of some of his commenters:

“Jesus is the Son of God or he isn’t.
It is the essential tenet of Christianity. Neither jews nor muslims believe Jesus is the Son of God. Jews have ignored God. Muslims worship Satan. The only thing the three religions have in common is the historical fact that Abraham existed. That’s all.”

“If you’d been to a proper Christian school they should have caned your black arse into red blood and blue bruises every day. You are ugly enough to be the face of Satan here amongst us. Your words are deceptive and poisonous and your heart is evil.

Begone Satanic thing. We shall not betray our Lord and Our Country.”

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