Expelled Exposed on YouTube

29 04 2008

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Things they’d have difficulty believing in Salt Lake City XII

29 04 2008

The week in fundie:

  1. Firstly, kudos to Petro Georgiou for his opposition to the Australian citizenship test, an icon of that other but equally virulent form of magical thinking: flag-waving jingoistic nationalism. On the test itself: what Ninglun said. On the fat lot of good this artefact of Howard-era dogwhistle politics has done: “Just 16,024 migrants applied to be citizens between January and March, compared with 38,850 at the same time last year.” (The Age)
  2. The fundamentalist war on women in “liberated” Iraq: how the sharia-based Iraqi constution enables honour killings. (The Independent)
  3. In Pakistan, the anti-blasphemy law enabled Muslim workers in a Karachi leather factory to beat a Hindu worker to death for “defiling the name of the prophet.” They beat him for half an hour. The assailants were charged with . . . (get this) . . . “failure to inform the police that blasphemy was underway.” Now the victim’s family is in danger. (AsiaNews)
  4. Meanwhile, the Pakistan National Assembly unanimously passed resolutions calling upon the Dutch and Danish governments to prosecute Dutch MP and filmmaker Geert Wilders, and urged the UN to “take legal, political and administrative measures to ensure respect for all religions in these societies.” (Pakistan Link)
  5. The Pope’s war on liberal democracy: Benedict urges US bishops to continue heavying Catholic politicians, demanding that they place religious dogma above their responsibilities to the people that elected them. (US News)
  6. The bishops appear to be listening. (New York Times)
  7. Everything you need to know about Expelled (short of watching it) you can find at The Bad Idea Blog. If you’re still not satisfied, visit Expelled Exposed.
  8. Christian students take a stand in favour of anti-gay bigotry and bullying in schools. (Baptist Press News)

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Things they’d have difficulty believing in Salt Lake City XI

14 04 2008

The week in fundie . . .

  1. A Turkish barber in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. (Today’s Zaman)
  2. If you attack Ben Stein over his role in Expelled, it must be because he’s Jewish. (Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion)
  3. A Pentecostal bishop in the UK, who headed an organisation known as the “Christian Congress for Traditional Values” and who describes gays as “filthy perverts” and Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists as “foul heathens,” has resigned after admitting to an extra-marital affair. (Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion)
  4. Catch the Fire Ministries is still shilling for the Liberal Party (and is not above Aborigine-bashing as well).
  5. Catholitopia: update on the construction of Ave Maria, Florida. (Telegraph)
  6. From one fundie utopia to another: the raid on the west Texas ranch of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sparked by a phone call for help by a 16-year old girl who had been beaten and raped by her 50-year old husband. (via Pharyngula)

Is there a difference between lying and lying for Jesus?

9 04 2008

If you’ve spent any length of time in the atheosphere over the past month, you’ll be aware of the by-now-infamous “Expelled from Expelled” debacle involving PZ Myers. Myers himself gives the most entertaining account of what happened (but see also Matt’s series of posts on this incident). Basically, the producers of Expelled have been so desperate to get bums on seats that until very recently (hmmm) they were encouraging people to sign up on the movie’s website for private screenings, and to bring guests. Myers (who appears in the film as is thanked in the credits) signed up, arrived at the Mall of America screening with guests in tow, had his name checked off, and was then pulled out of the queue by a security guard, acting on the specific instructions of the producers, who threatened Myers with arrest if he attempted to enter the theatre. What the producers failed to notice is that one of Myers’ guests was none other than Richard Dawkins (who has written his own piece on the incident), who announced his presence to an ashen-faced producer Mark Mathis in the Q & A session after the screening.

Sure, it’s one hell of an own goal for the creationist movement, but for me the bigger irony lies in the tremendous amount of spin the producers and other ID luminaries have attempted to put on this incident, given Expelled‘s overarching thesis–that evolution –> atheism –> the Holocaust–and, by implication, antievolutionists’ claim to the moral high ground. (The motto of the production company behind Expelled reads as follows: “Producing world class media that stirs the heart and inspires the mind to truth, purpose and hope.” (Emphasis added.)) The creationists have been manifestly dishonest about the “Expelled from Expelled” fiasco–that much is certain–but they also seem to think they’re doing the right thing.

So here’s my question. Under what circumstances is mendacity theologically, ideologically or ethically justifiable?

Things they’d have difficulty believing in Salt Lake City V

19 01 2008

The week in fundie (updated) . . .

  1. Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins agrees with Mike Huckabee that the US Constitution should be “updated” to align with “Biblical standards.”

    What’s more troubling, Dan: Huckabee saying that we should have–reflect in our Constitution biblical standards of life and marriage–which, by the way, our nation has held throughout most of its history–or, a candidate who subscribes to Darwin’s theory of evolution and ‘survival of the fittest’ proposing a health care program? (PageOneQ)

  2. On the subject of Huckabee, Salon reports on the amount of Christian reconstructionist pies in which the Republican candidate has inserted his fingers. See also this comprehensive report by Chris Hedges at Truthdig.
  3. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has an enlightened new policy regarding employees and volunteers making anonymous reports of sexual abuse of minors that can be summed in four words: shut the fuck up. (AP)
  4. Evidently Expelled, Ben Stein’s “documentary” promoting intelligent design creationism, is so bad that producers are actually paying people to see it. (via Pharyngula)
  5. Pan MacMillan too scared to release an unauthorised book on Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology to the Australian market. (Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion)
  6. It’s “too expensive” to be an atheist. (The Jakarta Post)