I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel all that safe . . .

21 01 2009

. . . given the amount of rabid evangelical Christians in positions of authority in the US military, and who seem hell-bent on transforming it into one giant Jesus Camp. It seems the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has been receiving many emails from servicemen and women who were pressured into applauding Rick Warren’s invocation at President Obama’s inauguration. Chris Rodda at DailyKos provides one email from a Methodist serviceman who found, watching the invocation with his fellow officers, “who could not muster the courage to resist the pressure of his ‘serious and committed born again Christian’ commanding officer to applaud Rick Warren.”

Today, I watched President Obama’s inauguration on the television set up in our Brigade staff conference room. I attended as a member of (unit level designation withheld) staff along with over 40 other senior officers, senior enlisted an few senior Army civilian staffers. There had been much talk here about Pres. Obama’s selection of the evangelical pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at the ceremonies.
Our current Commander is a very intolerant and “serious and committed born again Christian” as he always describes himself to all his subordinates. At every military assignment I’ve ever been to it’s always the same thing; if you are not a born again “serious” Christian you are branded as pretty much worthless. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a good thing that Australian troops have been pulled out of Iraq . . .

3 06 2008

. . . because the war is being run by a bunch of class-A fuckwits. As I posted in this blog’s most recent round-up of religious chicanery, some members of US forces stationed in Iraq are attempting to convert the local population to Christianity, distributing Bibles and other fundamentalist Christian literature, as well as “witnessing coins.” As Jason Leopold reports in The Public Record, they’re also handing out Chick tracts, translated into Arabic, to Iraqi children. That means you have US soldiers, part of an occupying force in an overwhelmingly Muslim country, whose fellow soldiers are dying in their dozens month after month at the hands of insurgents opposed to their presence, handing out Arabic translations of the following to Iraqi kids:

The Second Coming of Jeebus can’t come soon enough for these monkeys, can it? Via Dispatches From The Culture Wars. Read the rest of this entry »