Reed Braden has a podcast

17 02 2008

It has been remiss of me not to have linked sooner to Reed Braden‘s podcast Two Smokin’ Hot Freethinkers, especially as Reed plugs Five Public Opinions at the end of the second episode! (Sorry, Reed: I’ve had a huge backlog of podcasts to get through, and I only got to Episode 2 of yours today.) Reed and his co-host Katie take a–shall we say–light-hearted approach to atheism and a variety of other topics, punctuated with some great (if sometimes) obscure choices of music.

You can also catch Reed on the theist/atheist collaborative podcast Apologia, in which he appears as the (self-described) “token gay” on an episode dealing with Christianity and homosexuality, as well as on an episode of the American Atheists podcast Atheist Viewpoint.

(Who is Reed Braden? You can read his story here.)