Update on the Bethel Covenant Community scandal

26 05 2008

On the forum at Catholica Australia is posted the full text of a recent article in The West Australian that yields more information (but not all that much more) about the nature of the abuses at Bethel Covenant Community:

The West Australian, http://www.thewest.com.au , Edited by Gary Adshead, inside.cover@wanews.com.au , p 2, Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tongues are wagging in powerful Catholic circles after The West’s Bethel Community expose on Saturday.

Apart from deciding whether Benny Hill should be the religious splinter group’s new patron, a blog site which helped lift the lid on the titillating allegations has been shut down.

“The job of the blog is over,” declared the blog site’s mystery convener. “For all of you I pray that you all grow closer to God by the love you express to your fellow journeymen (women).”

But within hours of the blog being pulled, another had started up to funnel discussion about the crisis engulfing the West Leederville organisation.

Unfortunately, the wording of the invitation to potential bloggers could have been better considering the scandal is all about the community’s ex-leader allegedly groping female members. “Get stuff off your chest and keep the communication going,” it reads.

Forum contributor John C. Massam submitted the following Letter to the Editor: Read the rest of this entry »