Substantiate, Kevin

8 07 2008

The Prime Minister says of Pope Benedict:

All of Australia, [. . .] I believe, should treat him with respect.




3 responses

9 07 2008

At least he’s not demanding that we treat him with respect.

Kevin Rudd, I believe, is wrong on this count, in as far as we should treat him with any more respect than anyone else (that demonstrates as little respect for others as he does).

Ratzinger has lied copiously about the nature of atheists, directing ill will towards us. The man is demonstrably a bigot, and he’s bigoted towards people like me, amongst others. Asking me to respect him is a request too far.

10 07 2008

Unfortunately, as much as I like (and vote for) Kevin, I suspect that he would pander to Nazis if there were votes in it – oh look, he did.

11 07 2008

Unfortunately, am beginning to agree with what CASE just said. On the other hand, will reserve judgement until the next election.

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